Sunday, April 05, 2015

Week In Review - Lady K's First Hike

Yesterday Lady K participated in her first hike.  It was approached with a bit of dread on my part.  It was suppose to be a fairly level hike, but long (a little over 7 miles).  And there was a stop on the way back at the hot springs.  I was eagerly anticipating it - to the extent Savvy was having to walk to work.  But Texter and Lady K were both feeling a bit cabin bound and quick trips over to the feed the ducks just wasn't cutting it.  So off we went.

The ride to Bear Trap Canyon is about 2 hours away and we packed for car sickness.  Knock on wood, this is the third car trip where car sickness on Lady K's part was avoided.  When we arrived, there was not only Marky to pet and play with, but a second little dog, Angel.

Most of the hike was spent in Texter's 'back pack'.  The pack we got when she was born and didn't really use it all that much.  In fact, we are going to have to cough up money for a larger pack shortly.  This one won't last much longer (we will gladly accept any pack donations!)  

I am so proud of the two of them.  Texter lugged 30 pounds of Lady K for 7.36 miles (according to and with a twisted ankle for about the last mile.  

The weather was a bit nippy, especially with the wind coming through the canyon, but it didn't take long to work up a bit of heat hiking.  At the turn-around point, we stopped for a bit of lunch and let Lady K stretch her legs some.

My fears about the hike were unfounded.  Lady K and Texter did just fine and Lady K only got cranky about the last mile or so.  She wanted to 'WALK!' so bad, but she is so slow and we were really for a soak in the hot springs.  

But I hike with the most fantastic group of people.  They welcomed Lady K and were very supportive through the whole hike of Texter and her.  No one seemed to mind a two-year old was along for the hike.

The hot springs are just a short drive back the way we came from the trail.  It was nippy getting into swimsuits and once again I was a little scared of how Lady K would react to getting into the pool.

First off, I am not sure what I was expecting, but Norris Hot Springs is definitely not a 'resort' area.  Rustic would be a better description.  However, the communal dressing room did make my body image issues not so bad.

Texter and I took turns holding her for a bit until she got a look at what everyone else was doing.  There were a few other kids in the pool, and even with the water just a bit warmer than she is use to (we stayed on a slightly cooler side), she soon 'warmed' to the whole idea.

Soon she was standing on the bench which runs along the edges and squatting down so only her head was out of the warm water.  She fit right in with the rest of the group.

So yesterday's hiking experiment went well.  Two weeks we head to Yellowstone and the Boiling River.  The hike is even easier and only one mile in each direction.  Hoping Savvy can get the day off to go with us on this one.  Don't know if Lady K will actually get into the river, but we will see.

Otherwise this week, I did a bit of a walk around Regulating Reservoir looking for a goose I hadn't seen before.  I didn't find it, but I did find a whole bunch of crayfish claws and feathers.  To the extend Savvy asked me what I killed when she saw the collection in the front seat of the car.

  • Vitamins - only 1 day (need to get back in the groove!)
  • Books - 3
  • Steps/Miles - 60,358/27.61 miles
  • Started my Fake Journal
  • Did some planning on Seedcrone novel
Today is going to be a slow day in our house.  Savvy has today off work and Texter and I are recuperating from the hike.  I have a ham for meals and will be putting it in the oven shortly.  Otherwise, we aren't stirring to do anything!

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