Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week in Review

It has been a strange week.  Like this morning, walked outside with the dogs and there is a light dusting of snow.  This is despite the temperatures have been such a light jacket during the day is all that is necessary.  And I sleep with my window cracked at a night (really, all day long).

Last Sunday was spent writing up postings for last week and recuperating from the hike on Saturday.

  • 5 posts written last week
  • started rewrites on first part of novel for submission to Miscon
Tuesday, Savvy was off work and came downtown with me to wander around while I was working.  She spent the day in shops, pulling together bits and pieces of her cosplay outfit for Miscon.  
Her character is a raider in a post apocalyptic world.  To back up a bit, we like furs.  PETA wouldn't do well in our house.  And she found a fur.

This is Bugeye.  We are not sure exactly what kind or kinds of animal he use to be.  Currently, he only has 3 legs and is over 3 feet long.  He was suppose to be a stole of some kind as his mouth is one of those 'clippy' mouths found on furs.  Other than that, not sure.  I consider him a 'foxsel' - a cross between a fox and a weasel.  Savvy loves Bugeye.

  • had my writing group meeting
  • walked 34,057 steps or 15.58 miles
  • finished up 3 books

Thursday was spent at the fair grounds, assisting Savvy with a job fair.  Her first one.  Qdoba was the only food service business represented and I think she did pretty well, getting about a dozen applicants.  I, on the other hand, came home with several pens and other goodies.

Saturday, Texter and I cleaned most of the apartment.  I mean CLEANED.  We hung up a closet organizer from the ceiling for Lady K's clothes and pulled out several bags of junk from her room to get trashed.  Clothes and toys are being sorted through for an upcoming yard sale for her Nagacon group.

So today, I am feeling lazy.  And will probably (hopefully) spend the day in my room writing. And reading. Finishing up the movie "The Theory of Everything" about Stephen Hawking.  Very good movie.   

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