Thursday, April 09, 2015

My Bedside Table is an Addict

I'm blaming my bedside table.  It's all her fault.  I have nothing to do with her addiction.  They just appear.

In stacks....

Way to many for the time I have....

But she is addicted and won't stop.

This is what my bedside table should look like.  Clean (ignore the circle where the finish got removed, I don't know what happened.)  Maybe a glass of tea or water at bedtime on it.  But uncluttered, tranquil, calm.

And then reality steps in.  Yep, that's right.  Three huge piles of books to read.  I promise I had nothing to do with it.  They just appeared!  They followed me home from work and have taken up residence on my clean, uncluttered bedside table and she keeps adding more and more.  And yes, that is my iPad which has one book on it I checked out, plus about 500 more freebies.  I have a problem.  I will admit it.

So on the table at the present time...

Bon Appetempt-A Coming of Age Story - Amelia Morris - currently reading
The Nerdist Way - Chris Hardwick
Practical HDR - David Nightingale
Creative Confidence - Tom and David Kelley
On Becoming An Alchemist - Catherine Macon
HDR Photography Workshop - Pete Carr & Robert Correll
Creative Landscapes - Harold Davis
A World In HDR - Trey Ratcliff
Afterworlds - Scott Westerfeld - currently reading
Galapagos Regained - James Morrow
To Eat-A Country Life - Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd
Rebellion - Peter Ackroyd
Abaddon's Gate - James S. A. Corey 
The Tutor - Andrea Chapin
The Marriage Game - Alison Weir
Leave Me Alone I'm Reading - Maureen Corrigan - currently reading for book group
Montana-A History of Two Centuries - Malone, Roeder, Lang
Montana-An Uncommon Land - K. Ross Toole
Creating Your Best Life - Miller and Frisch
The Zhivago Affair - Finn and Couvee
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
The Dark Legacy of Shannara-Witch Wraith/Bloodfire Quest/Wards of Faerie - Terry Brooks
A Wilder Rose - Susan Wittig Albert
Creative Journal Writing - Stephanie Dowrick - currently reading

As you can see, I read ANYTHING!  And it's all my bedside table's fault.  And those bags on the floor which go to the library with me.  And my purse....and....

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