Monday, October 26, 2015

Mandala Monday - Walking in the Leaves

One advantage of the dry air in Montana is the leaves which fall are nice and, well, crunchy.  Back in North Carolina, they tend to clump together because of the humidity.  But here, they are nice and dry and 'fluffy' and make nice crunching noise when you walk through them.  On my way to/from work, as I go through the Gulch where leaves have accumulated on the walkway, I find myself scuffing my feet and kicking up the leaves.  Lady K will also do the same when we go on a walk together.  She will detour off the walkway to wade through the leaves, kicking up her feet and watching the leaves scatter.

I actually got 'caught' one morning by a library patron I know as I walked to work.  And she scuffed leaves too.  And it got me thinking, as she is several years older than me - I hope I never lose the ability or desire to play in the leaves in autumn.

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  1. Great mandala, and great photo. I too hope never to loose the love of jumping in leaves! Happy autumn!


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