Friday, October 02, 2015

September Goals Review and October Goals

These were my September goals, listed belatedly -

  • Stuff to basement and/or sorted through and put up.  
    • Update - still some sorting and 'final' organizing to do, but most taken care of
  • Painting - still have the main bathroom to finish up (so we can then empty boxes) and the kitchen to start on.
    • Update - bathroom done and boxes emptied.  Kitchen will probably be done in December during Christmas and everyone goes elsewhere
  • Sewing for the Big Read at the library in October
    • 6 bonnets, 4 aprons and one dress sewn.  15 eyepatches crochetedlay outfits
    • Take everyone's measurements, even mine (sob)
    • Make a muslin mockup of some of the pieces so they are fitted properly
  • Book reviews - have a couple of books coming I need to do reviews on
  • Letter to friend
  • Start QAL for 1930's quilt 
  • 300,000 steps in September - challenge with a friend
  • Read 1 book off my home shelves
  • Teach blogging class
  • Plan menus - so we'll eat better, shop better and I know what's going on
  • Write my morning pages
I'm pretty happy with the results of my belated goals for September.  October is much more ambitious!
  • Walk 310,000 steps (again)
  • Write 31,000 words
  • Read 1 book off my home shelves
  • Review book coming from Blogging for Books
  • Do the 3 mile Sun Run for solar panels for the library
  • Work activities for the Big Read at the library
  • Keep up with 1930's QAL
  • Morning Pages
  • Menus 
So far off to a pretty good start.  I have a menus set for the next week already.  I walked over 10,000 steps yesterday, signed up for the Sun Run and already worked 1 event for the Big Read.  And Halloween is on it's way!

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  1. Ye gads! Just reading your lists make me tired! I have always been in awe of your energy!


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