Friday, November 20, 2015

Inspiration From the Strangest Places

I am on this whole introspection, planning, 'where do I want to go' type phase in my life right now.  And it just bubbles along in the background of everyday tasks.  

Now, saying that, I am in LOVE with Jim Butcher's books!  I had accidentally stumbled across him as a writer several years ago when I tripped over "The Dresden Files" on TV and realized it was based on an actual book series.  The rest, they say, is history.  I could so do Harry Dresden, just so you know.

I had started his Codex Alera series when there were only a couple of books out.  Now I have to go back and reread those books and make my way through all six in the series (which I was fortunate enough to score off the donation cart!)

I am now wallowing in the first books of The Cinder Spires series.  Since it is such a large book, I bought it as an audio so I could listen to/from work and while sewing.  Right now all I want to do is to make a next in the back of my closet and close the door and make my way through all 70 chapters in the book.  

Steampunk lusciousness--I am really, really enjoying the book.

And cats!  There are cats in the book.  Cats which talk to some humans.  And it is from a cat I pull my inspiration.  (I apologize if I misspell any names in the book as I am pulling this from audio.)

The scene is Little Mouse (as she is called by her cat) is outside the spire for the first time in her young life and embarking on a mission.  She is understandably nervous, something Raoul, the cat, doesn't understand, and he asks, "What are you so concerned about Little Mouse?'

She tells him about her concerns and fears about what they are about to do and experience.  

His response....

"There are many things you have never done," Raoul responded.  "To be frightened of them is of no use to you."

And I realized this could apply to me (and to a lot of people).  We worry about the outcome so much, we often never dare to even start something we want to do.

My biggie is my writing.  So I finish, edit and self-publish.  And....?  What am I scared of?  No one liking it?  No one buying it?  So what.  If nothing else I can say I have written a book.

So I am taking a cat's advise and am going to try to stop being frightened of attempting things I am really interested in.  In the meantime, you can find me in my closet listening to the rest of the book.

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