Thursday, November 19, 2015

Planning the Planner (Already)

I have been really motivated over the past month or so to set goals, have to-do lists, have been consistent in writing my morning pages, and just a bit more focused on where I am and where I want to go.  Personally, I think it is because I feel I am in a 'good place' and a lot of the upheavals which have transpired are over.

With Texter and Lady K being gone for the holidays (only slightly sad about that), I have already scheduled myself a day to set up my calendar/journal for 2016.  I have been jotting down ideas of what I want in it and what I want to keep track of.  One thing which drew me to this workbook, by Lisa Jacobs, was the idea I had of treating the things I want to do like a business.  If I want to write, sew, create, etc, then why not treat them like a business and have more accountability to myself.

So lots of fun coming up.  I will try and document the process of putting together 2016!

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