Monday, November 30, 2015

Two Challenges for December

I have 'found' a whole tribe of planner addicts users who are just as in love with their planners/journals as I am.  And it comes just at a time I am refining my planner usage and putting it all together.  As much as I love tech, when it comes to my journal and planner I am a good old analog girl!

One thing about this Planner Challenge (and the following one) is that it will make me use Instagram (or IG) more.

So my new planner is being worked on during December to be ready for 2016.   

The other challenge is by Susan Conway and called December Reflections. One thing which attracted me to this challenge was the opportunity to slow down and observe.  I haven't been behind my camera lately for various reasons and I NEED to get back to it.

For example, we have had freezing fog roll through the past couple of days.  What it does is make the trees 'fuzzy' and it looks like it is snowing glitter!

It's really hard to capture the look of the 'glittersnow'.  The sun reflects off the flakes and it looks like the Goddess is dropping silver glitter on us instead of snow.

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