Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week In Review - November 15 - 21

  • Completed NaNoWriMo with over 50,000 words of, well, crap.  About 10,000 of it useful, but I have plenty of notes for the book.
  • Led Nonfiction book group on topic of organization
  • Led two more NaNoWriMo write-ins, one of which ended early due to no-shows
  • Completed Failynn Fox Cowl for Texter and started on another one.  Texter grabbed it and I haven't seen it since, so hopefully will get a picture of it soon.  Started on a second one.
  • Made a Dr. Who pillowcase for Texter.

  • Cut out, from the scraps of the pillowcase, 6 mug mats -  of which will be a gift.

  • Savvy started a new job and is finishing up her old one, so a hectic couple of weeks for her.  But she is excited and loving the chance to get out of jeans and polo shirt and food odors to handle 'shiny things' and wear 'real clothes'.

  • Weather has been crazy.  Wind storm and now a bit of snow, with more to come over the coming week.  And cold temperatures.
Hard to see, but big tree down at park by the library

  • Steps - 57,424, miles - 26.26  below goal, but will deal.
  • Finished one book
  • Wrote 7 posts
  • Cleaned out files
  • Had friends over to watch a football game
Coming week -
  • Lead another NaNoWriMo group
  • Cook, cook, cook for Thanksgiving
  • Finish up mug mats
  • Work on second fox cowl
  • Get walks/steps in
Gearing up for the holidays with a swap and some present planning/buying.  Also gearing up for 2016 with tons of ideas.  Can't wait for the coming weeks.

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