Sunday, January 08, 2017

Week In Review - January 1 - 7

I'm slowly getting 'back in the saddle' again. And coping with a desk the size of my computer. Which doesn't leave much room for writing or setting anything down on it. But I'll deal. Anyway...

I was reading Samelia's Mum and read her review of It's a website promoting perfecting your photography and use of instagram

They are offering a 2016 review of your instagram posts and recreate it in this cute clamshell pattern, based on the colors of the pictures you posted. Or you can also see it like this...

Cute and fun look back. And a reminder to use instagram more. These pictures also come in handy as I haven't been taking too many pictures the past few weeks. Need to take a deep breath and up my picture taking game.

Otherwise this past week...
  • Watched the new season premier of Sherlock
  • Finished 3 books
  • Led one workshop at the library
  • Had a meetup with Ms. OK for goal planning (working on Level 10 Life)
  • Wrote 6 posts
  • Walked 62% of my goal steps
  • Yoga 2 mornings and 1 cardio workout
  • Went and saw "Sing" at the movies with Savvy
  • Down 6 pounds from December
This coming week...
  • 1000 words a day writing
  • Trip to Missoula with computer to get the CD/DVD drive checked out
  • Crafting meetup with friends
  • Salad Social with hiking group
  • Drink more water
  • Exercise daily
  • Knock out a couple more books read
  • Finish up my Pussy Hat for the Women's Walk 
  • Start on my Writer's Bible and my Pagan Omni Journal
But right now, I have CBS Sunday Morning on the computer and listening to Lady K watch "The Bee Movie" for about the 100th time. Some days are harder to begin than others!

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  1. What'd you think of the Sherlock premiere? I was kind of in shock, like I kept expecting a "just kidding" type moment at the end, so it didn't really sink in until I rewatched it. I do think I liked this week's episode better though.


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