Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week In Review - January 22 - 28

It's been a 'fun' week (tongue in cheek).

Lady K has been at home all week with RSV. The first part of the week was spent coughing and hacking. The last part of the week was spent climbing the wall. So Texter and I tag teamed watching her. And then Friday I felt like death warmed over and Saturday threw my back out. Not a 'fun' week.

But with the aid of some pain killers and a couple of 'prone in bed on the heating pad' sessions, I think I am up to the boarding up the house planned for today.

As you can see, by Saturday she was up and active and ready to go!

I do have one complaint about myself. I am pouting because I don't have 'me' space. Really! Most days I can't get up and write or type because (1) CJ is sleeping on the couch and/or (2) Lady K is sleeping in my bed. Yep, I am using any excuse for not doing things I SHOULD be doing.

But onward and upward!

This past week saw me winning two giveaways!

The first one, from It was for a Personal-Planner. I had one I was going to use for 2017 to monitor and track my projects for the year. Will am currently using the Create 365 for a monthly grid journal and was going to use it for my project tracker once we got more settled, but will switch to the Personal-Planner for project tracking. It's a BIG one! A4 size - which means it's bigger than 8.5 X 11 and will be a 'stay-at-home' planner.

The second WIN was from Kara at Bohoberry to celebrate ICWM and was sponsored by Goulet Pens. I have drooled over their site in the past as both Kara and Miss Vicky Bee rave over Goulet Pens. If their normal service is anything like fulfilling orders for giveaways, then I'm sold. I had barely pressed enter to email my address back to Kara, when I received confirmation it was shipped! I'll be getting it Monday, so expect a review shortly thereafter. And just in time for ICWM!

Other than that, I received notification my car is headed to the great junk yard in the sky. Just a matter of time (days, weeks, months?) At least the need isn't immediate, but means no out of town trips unless I rent a car for the day. Bummer!

Texter and I went to a Lularoe 'opening' here in town yesterday evening. Now I am not a leggings person. Or thought I wasn't until I received a free pair from a giveaway. 

First off, Texter fell in love with them and was glad when we received some which were not my size and she could wear them. Being at school all day, she finds them comfy and durable. And I am enjoying mine for the same reason. But I just have to find tops to cover my butt! Which they have! So now I have leggings, a long skirt and 3 tops. The leggings are such fun to wear in all their wild patterns. And there are 'collector' clubs! 

I will do a post on my 'wild legs' soon!

It's the Year of the Rooster and I am a Rooster according to the Chinese zodiac. As is Texter. We need red and jade!


  • 5 posts written
  • 1 book finished reading
  • 56% of steps completed for the week
  • Picked up tickets for the Princess Tea in March for Lady K (and she wasn't fooled by Tinkerbell - it's Miss Jessica!)

And most importantly...

We viewed a potential permanent/temporary house! Fingers crossed. Five bedrooms (3 up, 2 down - perfect!) and we can have the dogs there. They are finishing up some renovations, so hopefully we will hear soon. We need space! And real internet!

This coming week...

  • Back on routine (I hope)
  • Tuesday to myself! Movie and a long list of to-do's
  • Writer's Roundtable on Thursday night - Writer's Notebooks!
  • Sorting through (I hope) some fabric, books and yarn I pulled from the "Temple of Fire"

Well, off to change into old clothes and wait for Savvy and CJ to arrive to go get plywood to board up the back of the "ToF" (Temple of Fire - the old house). Maybe have some cereal before I go.

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