Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week In Review - January 8 - 14

This was the first week in about 3 weeks there was no vacation, no holidays. Just a regular week. I'm still feeling 'off-center'. But as a friend advised me, "it hasn't been a month yet". Of course, workers on the roof of the library installing the new solar panel system smoking near the intake vents and making the back of the library smell like smoke didn't help any.

This past week has seen a clearing up of the really low, low temperatures and snow. A heatwave forecasted for the coming week - 30's!

But some beautiful mornings dawning outside my window this past week. But still too cold for me to run outside and take pictures. Besides, the 2nd story allows for more of the sunrise despite the window screens.

And the Full Wolf Moon on Thursday. Beautiful setting over the snowy hills.

Since all our plans for this summer are now in the crapper, I am glad I hadn't cancelled my hotel reservation for Miscon in May. So I have started a tracker for my long weekend. Will have some insurance money to replace some of the books I have lost while there, so my main expense will be the hotel room. Texter and Lady K going again (we need a baby sitter for the weekend to go with us so we can attend panels!) We generally pack food and drinks and only eat out once or twice during the weekend.

I have a waitress in-house now. She's great at getting orders (and expanding what you might want), but service is really slow. Have yet to get my food! But she is learning her letters and pretty much write her name (first only) and can identify the first letter of my name.

Otherwise this week...

  • Consulted on a jade ring with Savvy at her work. Need some protection!
  • Trip to Missoula, mainly because we were bored and tired of being stuck in the house.
  • 2 posts written
  • Planning session with Ms. OK at General Merc with some great hot chocolate (Texter tagged along)
  • Finally (I think and hope) got the personal item sheets completely correctly for the insurance company.
  • Walked at least 50% of my goal steps every day.
  • 2 Pussy Hats completed and one needs seaming
  • My replacement Hobonichi arrived in San Francisco for customs.

So this coming week...

  • Clean and straighten today
  • Knitting and watching "Victoria" tonight on PBS
  • Lady K to school and then rummaging in the old house for some items to bring out and 'de-smoke' hopefully
  • Tuesday - trip to Missoula (again) this time with my computer for a cleaning
  • Doctor's appointment with Lady K's immunologist to discuss getting her tonsils removed which should solve the whole 105 temperatures every month or so
  • Short week at work due to MLK day (thus the house rummaging)
  • Women's March on Saturday (hence the Pussy Hat knitting)
  • 5 books finished 
  • Working on my first Writer's Roundtable program - creating a general and a specific writer's notebook
  • My replacement Hobonichi should be here this week!
So off for more coffee and to start cleaning!


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