Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Goulet Pens and Bohoberry Rock!

Yesterday started with a beautiful sunrise.

And a bit of a planning session at Starbucks before work.

I had to keep myself busy because I was expecting this when I got home...

My 'winnings' from Kara at Bohoberry sponsored by Goulet Pens.

I had read and seen unboxing videos on items received from Goulet Pens, but haven't actually used them. Well, that's changing! After all, how can you not order from someone who puts a Tootsie Roll in your order?

And there it was! Wonderful goodies all nice wrapped up for me!

One of the extra touches were these cards signed by Goulet and with the ink color referenced. How great is that! These are hitting my Hobonichi for inspiration.

Lady K was fascinated by the 'bird'. I was fascinated by the pen.

I have test 'driven' it a bit and find it a wonderful feel. Easy to fill with my wonderful Pelikan Aquamarine ink, it is a dream to write with. And since February is ICWM, it will get a bit of a workout. Especially since I have this...

Real stationary!

So thanks to Kara and Goulet Pens. It will warm me up on this cold, snowy day in Helena, Montana!

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