Thursday, July 27, 2017

And Yet TWO More Good Books!

I have been (quite fortunately) coming across some really good reads this summer. These are the latest two I have devoured.

The first is M. J. Rose's The Library of Light and Shadow which is a continuation of The Witch of Painted Sorrows series.

I started the book, not putting two and two together that I had read the first book in the series, which sets up the Daughters of La Lune. That said, I do think you can read them out of order, but knowing about La Lune does help.

Anyway, it's after WWI and Delphine is becoming known as an artist. But an artist with a twist. She paints secrets, using a blindfold over her eyes when she paints. She has also fled her family and France and is living in New York when disaster hits and it's back to France. Not only to face her fears, but also to face her own secrets.

Really good read with a lot of mystic practices woven in. Long with big names in the 1920's in art. 

Now I have to read the book about her sister!

But the real prize is Kathy Reichs' new book, Two Nights.  This is a departure from her Temperance Brennan (Bones) series and it grabbed me from the very first.

Sunday Nights (yes, her name and it's explained in the book) is living in a small house on a small island in the water off Charleston. Her only companion is a squirrel named Bob.

Unfortunately, her talents in the armed forces, and later, the police, have brought her skills to the attention of one of the Charleston elite who wants her to search for the people who killed her daughter and grandson and apparently kidnapped her grand daughter. Money is no object.

Reluctantly, Sunday takes the job, more as a favor to an old friend, than any real desire to change her life. By doing so however, she does her job very well, and soon there is a hornets nest buzzing from Chicago to L.A. to Washington to Louisville.

In between, there is an 'aside' where you are getting a side story from another character, which lends itself to the tension of the story. (Or are you?)

This is a book I started and put down all quilting and knitting until I finished it the next day, reading in parking lots while running errands and waiting after swim lessons.

Hopefully, Ms. Reichs will continue this character in future books.

Now to find another good read!

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