Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What a Lunch! - Poor Orphan Creamery

While the Copper K Fiber Fest was a delight, it was topped off by a fantastic eating opportunity!

My lunch plate

At one end of the barn, there was a 'bar', onto which was loaded an out of this world experience.

First off let me explain something which will help with understanding why this is so exciting. 

I was an adult (or close enough to being out of my teens) before I knew there was something other than Kraft Singles and cheddar cheese. Even growing up in Dallas in the late 60's and early 70's. Luckily, Savvy discovered 'different' cheeses early in life and we have expanded our palate a bit. 

But the bar was set up with dozens of different cheeses, along with salami and prosciutto.

There was some fresh fruit and salad with different dressings and toppings.


I basically stayed with the cheeses, a bit of meat and some delicious jam to pair with the cheese.

They also had a selection of wines you could buy a glass of, which I passed on since (a) it was warm and (b) I was going to have to drive home shortly.

A beautiful and tasty set-up and a nice change from the usual offerings at a festival. I felt positively sophisticated eating this lunch (and that's a hard thing for me to feel most days!).

The crowning touch in my estimation was this...

A panna cotta!

The lunch was sold by the ounce, so you could get as little or as much as you wanted. They weighed your plate without the bread on it, which I thought was super smart and super nice (and the panna cotta was extra).

The whole time I was eating I kept thinking about Savvy, who would be over the moon with this lunch. This is right up her alley. She and I would have gotten different cheeses and sampled from each other's plate and compared notes.

Luckily, Laurin, Montana, where they are located is only a couple of hours away. And near Virginia City, Montana where I would like to do a day trip to anyway. So lunch (or dinner) is on at The Tasting Room.

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  1. You know I love this post---it's all about the lovely food and the spread here looks amazing. Love the panna cotta and the spread all looks so tasty. Yum.


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