Thursday, August 31, 2017

"Falling" Into September Goals

While I am not looking forward to the cold and snow of winter (my last Montana winter!), I am looking forward to cooler weather and fall.

Texter and Lady K have been back at 'school' for a week now, which means I have had a week of 'me-time' and enjoying it immensely. A bit of housework daily. The ability to run errands quickly if need be. Sewing while watching mindless shows!

Anyway, August went pretty well as far as my goals were concerned.

  • Stay on target and finish the tops for the Batman and Almond Country Quilts - done and onto the finishing stages!
  • Make the Disney Villains and Queen of Ween Quilt tops - done and onto the finishing stages!
  • Start on the Pride and Noodle Box quilts - yep, plans drawn up, bits and pieces are in their own 'box' for the projects
  • Read and listen to audio books - not really
  • Do 12 Skillshare tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator - didn't do
  • Finish up the Joji Mystery Wrap and the Trout Creek shawl - not much knitting, more sewing
  • Attend Shakespeare in the Park - went both nights and really enjoyed it
  • Get Texter and Lady K ready to start school at the end of the month - yep!
  • Volunteer at Brewfest for Texter and I (babysitters already lined up for the day) - pourer for Beehive Basin Brewery and really enjoyed it
  • Attend the Gulch Distillery's Ginger Beer workshop - with Savvy and really enjoyed it
  • Hike Morrrell Falls - this was moved to September, but that area is on fire!
  • Watch the Solar Eclipse (won't really have a chose as we are at 95% here in Helena) - did!
  • Texter's driving test to get her beginner's permit - she has it, but needs more practice time!
  • Orchid Society Meeting and volunteering to help with the show and sale in September - have and will be helping out
  • Practice my drop spindle yarn spinning - sadly, I haven't!

September is actually a 'big' month for me! I turn 60 this year (and I am planning on 60 more!)

So for this month...

  • Get two knitting projects completed
  • Get one of the smaller completed quilt tops completely finished and in use
  • Practice drop spindling
  • Outdoor movie sponsored by the library
  • Soccer starts for Lady K
  • Orchid show (and a possible new orchid or two)
  • Fiber Festival in Billings
  • Sluice Fall Hike hopefully
  • Family Fun Day at West Mont
  • A couple of quilt shop events
  • Pull out one of my past quilt projects and get restarted on it - probably my Joy Quilt
  • READ!
  • Learn to use a friend's long arm quilter
  • Plan menus, particularly lunches for Savvy and Texter
  • Slowly delve into the huge bin of scraps and sort and iron and start a couple of scrapie quilts
  • Some drop spindling

Well, here's to September. Of course, the forecast is for a warmer fall than usual. Our average snow date is September 29 here in Helena and I don't think we will achieve that this year. 

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