Friday, August 11, 2017

I'm An Old Sew and Sew

I will confess. The only needles I have touched in about two weeks have been on my sewing machine. 

So far, over the past couple of weeks, I have...

  • Keep up on my Almond Country Blocks and my Batman Companion Quilt Blocks
  • Finished piecing the top and back of the Disney Villains Quilt and made a pieced binding for it. Now awaiting my Quilting Guru to return from vacation so I can learn how to use her quilting machine. I figure a lap quilt will be a good place to start.
  • Refined the design and started piecing together the Queen of Ween Quilt top

One reason I am being so focused on the Beauty Quilt blocks is if I keep up and have all the blocks finished by the last week, then I get the fabric for the border free!

But here is what all the blocks look like so far...

This isn't the layout they will be in for the quilt top. And the picture isn't all that great considering I am standing on a chair trying to take the picture. No design wall in the house!

Batman is going to be BRIGHT!

And I am loving it.

What is funny is that all during this Block of the Week, I have been at the store, bright and early, on Tuesdays to get my kit for the week. If I pick it up on Tuesday, it's only $5. After that, it's $6. I have been there like clockwork, mainly because I could drop Lady K and Texter off at swim lessons which were only a block or two away and zip over and pick it up while they were swimming.

This past week, I had my days all screwed up. We didn't have swim lessons and I didn't think about it until about 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday night as I was sitting at the park watching the play.

When I went in Wednesday morning to get the kit, with Lady K in tow, one of the ladies who works there started laughing and said she came so close to calling me to see why I hadn't come in on Tuesday. I love it when your local quilt store knows you that well.

So now it's the Queen of Ween quilt and I am putting all the panels together. Hopefully, the bits and pieces of Halloween fabric I purchased will be enough to finish piecing the top. I know I will need to buy a back for it and fabric for a border, as well as for the binding. But hope that will be it.

So off for more coffee and then more 'dicing and slicing'.

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