Tuesday, August 29, 2017

She Walks in Beauty (and Sweat)

I don't really get all jealous or envious that often. I did get a twinge over the woman who just won the lottery, but new cars, jewelry, trips...I'm over it fairly quickly. Unless...

It's a new sewing toy. Or a huge fabric and/or fiber stash enhancement. Or, in this case,

A beautiful garden!

The weekend before the eclipse she went out of town and graciously allowed me to come over and water her flowers.

Ms. Oklahoma's back yard is blooming with dozens of flowers she very carefully planted this spring. This is after digging and mulching and edging the beds for days. 

Not only has all this hard work paid off in a beautiful vista from her patio, but the bitch lady knows plant names, even to the point of being able to pronounce the names of various orchid families!


Not only does she have skillfully mulched beds, but here and there are interesting planters, like this old stump.

One of a couple of water features in her garden, along with large rocks and crystals (she's lucky they are still there - just saying), old farm implements and skulls and bones. Ok, the latter sounds a bit 'odd' and 'yucky', but it really works (it is a cow skull by the way).

Huge hollyhocks line the back of part of the long bed along her fence. I am eagerly awaiting the seed heads to fully form and then I'm heading back. Seeds I can take with me to North Carolina next year.

Seeds which will produce these lovelies!

And day lilies! These bring me back to the South.

I know the hours she has spent on creating this garden which will only grow more lovely every year. Much like herself.

But I am a bit jealous and envious.

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