Wednesday, August 02, 2017

To Bookmark or Pinterest - That Is The Question

I bookmark quite a few sites during the course of a month. 

Some are things I need to come back to during the course of a month. Others are recipes the girls and I want to try.

I decided to move things like recipes and fiber/fabric ideas to Pinterest for future reference. This would free up space in bookmarks to make it easier to go back to a site or article I want to revisit.

I also decided to break up my bookmarks, not by subject, but by month, saving them all until the end of the month and then separating them into the folder I want them to go to. In revisiting the bookmarked pages, I can also delete some. Hopefully, the ones I delete fall many into the category of spending money and now that some time has passed, I no longer want/need it.

I was also curious as to how my bookmarks broke down. For July, this is how my bookmarks tallied up - 

  • Recipes - 36, 6 of which I have actually used already
  • Knitting/Crocheting/Quilting/Needlework - 9
  • Planning and Writing - 8
  • Self and Spirit - 6
  • Miscellaneous and Shopping - 6
  • Deleted - 4

An interesting exercise in my interests and a reminder of things I want to revisit. One thing I need to get into the habit of is to go ahead and automatically send things to Pinterest rather than bookmarking. It would save the task of sorting at a later date.

So now off to see what else is new!

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