Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Blooming Update!

As the temperatures here in Helena start to cool down some (can Fall be far behind?), taking a look at some of my orchids in the bay window. And my Fall may be even more colorful than usual.

My Cattleya has a spike growing and should produce a flower spike sometime in the near future. Excited! I haven't had a cattleya before, much less one in bloom.

My Brassavola has two flower spikes on it. This is another orchid I haven't had in the past and can't wait to see the flowers.

And finally, my Epidendrums Max Valley , another orchid I have never owned before, has what I believe is a flower spike starting. It doesn't look like the roots which also sprout out between the leaves.

It is also the first 'red' orchid I will have.

I am so excited my system of 'benign neglect' is working out so well (so far!). 

In other plant news...

This is a piece of an orchid being discarded from our February repotting meeting. No viable roots, but the canes were still plump. I have 'babied' it and was rewarded with this. So one day it may actually be blooming for me.

And the avocado...

(A bit blurry, sorry)

I had cut off the growing tip to try and force it to branch out some. And finally, a tiny nub starting. 

All in all, I am pretty excited about fall/winter in my bay window!

But in the meantime, the Great Divide Orchid Society has their annual show and sale this weekend. There may be a couple of new additions to my 'garden'!


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