Saturday, September 02, 2017

Fabric Finishes (Sort of)

This past week saw Texter and Lady K back in school...

Much to their delight.

For me, it meant I got a lot of uninterrupted sewing time!

The Fox Mountain Kit was a quickie! And I had a piece of batik in my stash which will pretty much do the deed as a backing for the lap quilt. So one quilt out of the 'in pieces' stage to halfway done.

Then two more tops completed...

The Batman Quilt (is it bright enough?)

And a kit that I purchased back in 2013, partially started, stopped, robbed some of the fabrics from, and dug out and finally completed.

While there is a bit off the bottom due to my 'robbing Peter, to pay Paul', it is still a generous size lap top. And perfect for CJ since it is all black, gray and red. 

Actually this kit was the inspiration behind the original idea of a Batman quilt. The blockers were going to be the darker Batman fabric and the yellow, black and lighter Batman fabric the rest. It didn't become that, but I think I am happier with the American Beauty quilt for the Batman fabric.

So another two tops out of the fabric stage and onto completion.

I took a charm pack of Christmas fabrics I had won and made 14 mug mats for Christmas gifts. The other charm pack of the same fabrics, I made six small table toppers. I found some fabric in my stash which will probably work for the back of the table toppers. A couple of mug mats and a table topper will make a cute gift for someone for Christmas.

So all I need to do it back the table toppers and they will be good to go.

Since my space is limited and I really don't want to carry scraps to North Carolina, I spent an afternoon going though my scrap bin. My HUGE scrap bin!

I pulled out some of the larger pieces for my stash and started ironing and separating the fabric into strips and chunks and selvages.  I have the 'need' for a couple of string quilts and I am sure I can do that easily.

I decided I will set aside one day of the week to be 'scrap' day and work on my bin. I did realize I need some smaller boxes to sort the scraps into as I iron them. So the dollar store is on my radar in the near future.

I did succumb to my fabric fairy and brought home an armload of fabric for my Noodle Box quilt which is still in the 'almost ready to start working on it' stage.

Then I hit my LQS where Texter gave me an early birthday present which will actually take place a couple of weeks after my birthday of a 'Fear No Fabric' class. I will have a chance to use a Bernina sewing machine and to learn how to correctly sew on a variety of fabrics. I can't wait!

But while there, I had to pick up some fabric (seems only right, doesn't it?)

Four fat quarters of Australian fabric. I have a couple of one yard cuts of some other Aussy prints and plan on, one day, to make a quilt top out of these fabrics.


Because we are a weird household, I bought some yardage to make some more mug mats for Savvy and her friends.

Don't ask, but believe me, these will be a hit! Male on one side, female on the other. They will be larger mug mats, but the idea is there.

However, the problem with finishing up quilt tops is you need quilt backs.

I have my "Peony Quilt" top ready to go from a couple of years ago and I wanted a flannel for the backing. I hadn't found a flannel I liked until now.

The fabric on the right will be the backing for my peony quilt. I bought the last of the yardage they had at Joann's, so I might have to piece a bit on the back with a solid green and/or pink. But I can't wait to get it done.

The fabric on the left is for the backing for a spiral table topper I made a couple of years ago from a kit I purchased back in 2013. At least it will soon be done and once we get to North Carolina and have a table again, it will go on top.

But the biggie purchase were these two fabrics.

Can you tell what top they are for?

Actually, with the sale at Joann's this weekend, I went ahead and bought to the end of the bolt they were so close. So Texter will probably get a pillow case or two and CJ's extra fabric will turn into something down the road.

And if all the sewing I have planned already isn't enough, I bought this...

You can never have enough projects to do!

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