Sunday, December 31, 2017

Week In Review - December 24 - 30

This is my reality this week! 

Along with the sore muscles, stuck car and just being plain tired of all the white!

Part of my dissatisfaction with the snow is the fact I have to park on the street. Our 'driveway' is about 2 feet long and CJ's car is the only vehicle which can fit in the tiny garage.

So, yep, when it's up to the door....well, f*** it!

Unfortunately, on Saturday we (1) needed out of the house and (2) needed milk and toilet paper.

So Texter and I shoveled and dug and tried to figure out where to put the snow we were digging and shoveling. Then CJ had to be dragged out to help us get 'unstuck'. Along with three sets of strangers who stopped when they saw we were having issues...twice. 

Part of the problem was my tires. I had replacing tires on my 'to-do' list for March, prior to our 2300 mile drive. Unfortunately, between burning a lot of rubber trying to get unstuck and their condition anyway, that timeframe moved up a couple of months.

But new tires do make a difference. However, there will be a bit of shoveling and clearing today as there were another 2-3 inches overnight. Sigh...

Don't get me wrong, the snow is beautiful. And if could last a day or two and then go away I would be well pleased. But it doesn't. It will be here for quite some time.

However, I have been making new friends...

When we ventured out on Saturday, I restocked my bird seed. With the heavy snow over the past couple of days, I have a host of feathered friends I feel responsible for. To the point I have laid out a big piece of cardboard to scatter seeds on for all the sparrows and doves which prefer ground eating. 

And the '-' in front of the temperature? That's not indicating it's 'below zero'. It's indicating an upraised middle finger as far as I am concerned.

Other than the snow, we stopped on Wednesday night to try out Pizza Ranch and their arcade. They have fried chicken and pizza! And an arcade! And for someone who is sssooooo wanting to visit Chucky Cheese, we thought it might please.

Lady K has some sensitivity issues, so restaurants which are busy and noisy pose some issues of overwhelming her.  But their set-up worked and she had a ball, winning enough tickets to get a crown and some slime.

Another bonus is the food is actually good. The price is very reasonable and the staff is very attentive and pleasant. We will be visiting a lot more over the next few months, especially since it is only a few blocks away from us.

But despite the white outside, there is a bit of color inside. And I have several more orchids getting ready to flower. I will be doing a couple of updates in the coming days about what is ready to bloom and what they look like in bloom. One good thing about orchids is, once they bloom, they stay for several weeks.

Otherwise this week...

  • Celebrated Christmas with some great gifts and snacking all day
  • Quiet birthday for Savvy with a spaghetti dinner and an Italian Cheese Cream Cake 
  • Decided on my 'Word of the Year"
  • Finished 5 books
  • Wrote 7 posts
  • Almost finished up my Corner 2 Corner afghan
  • Bit of sewing on the On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt
  • Shoveled a ton of snow

For the coming week...

  • Move into my 2018 Hobonichi planner(s)
  • Lots of planning for 2018 and scheduling in my planner (more on all of that)
  • Trip to the movies (hopefully) 
  • "Winter Carnival" at The Sewing Palace to showcase their coming classes
  • Buying books for Texter's last semester
  • Sewing and crocheting
  • And lots of reviewing the past year and planning the coming year

But for now, another cup of coffee and putting the cinnamon rolls in the oven for breakfast.

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