Sunday, January 16, 2005

Confined to My Room

The following is what happens when you confine me to my room, early on a Sunday morning, with coffee in hand........

Since the "sleepover" girls are in the living room, I am confined to my room until they awaken naturally. God forbid should I stir sleeping dogs (or since they are all girls---bitches---but they aren't in terms of the insult of the word). Anyway, I have been cleaning out my Favorites listing on the internet where I have thrown tons of stuff over the past year. And some things have come to mind I will share.

1. I enjoy writing. Underneath my arms as I type is a notebook for my "paper" journal.

2. Last week we were in the 70's. Friday, it was the high 50's. Saturday in the 40's. This
morning out my window I have watched it sleet for a few minutes, followed by a flurry of snow. Flurries of snow are all that I will allow. I have a Southerner's preference for "polite" snow. Snow that only sticks on the grass and trees, looks good for about 12 hours and then quietly melts away. You see down here, if you mention the "S" word, all the milk, bread, and toilet paper in the affected areas disappear from the shelves like we are awaiting a siege.

3. I have gone from being a cross stitch/needlework manic to a knitting one and I am enjoying the knitting more. Of course, we will not discuss the YEARS of projects that are in my closet, already kitted up and/or started. Not to mention the money involved. Yes, I figure for every project I have kitted up to cross stitch, I could knit a sweater. And from really nice yarns too!

4. I find myself enjoying my knitting more because it is much more portable. I find it much more tactile than needlework. Because of the oils on your hands, you aren't suppose to "fondle" your threads, etc. for needlework. Knitting encourages it. If it doesn't feel good, don't do it! You can touch, stroke, poke, rub knitting yarns and you can't with needlework.

5. Knitting is much more "useful". You can wear it. You can make something beautiful and creative and yet still be functional. How many pictures can you hang on the wall that you have cross stitched?

Now before all those who are great fans/lovers/practioners of needlework come to burn me at my stash, I am not trying to knock needlework in any form or fashion. I can still identify designers by looking at the pattern for the most part. I know what people are referring to when they speak of "cashel" and "Soie d Auger". And I won't forget them. I can still talk about what's new in the area of needlework with the average stitcher. Needlework has given me many years of sanity.

But in terms of satisfaction, I am finding knitting is giving me much more. Maybe it's because it sooths my Virgo soul more---practical AND beautiful.

Ok, deep thoughts over for the day. Have to refill coffee cup. Have the heel of my first sock to do and "Troy" to watch, stew to put in crock pot (God bless crock pots!).

Sir Helsing has decided that the pile of "stuff" from a dumped out bag is the "purr"-fect place for a Sunday morning lounge.


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