Monday, January 17, 2005

The day after being confined to my room......

I love books on CD! While confined to my room yesterday I listened to 1/2 of Diana Mott Davidson's mystery, "Sticks and Scones". Just knitted away in my toasty little chair, with my feet propped up on my stool and knitted away. Realized I needed a pair of socks that I knitted for my feet....oh, well, add that to the list of want-to-do's.

But I did finish up the second gauntlet today at work and they are tucked away now for Valentine's Day. A whole month ahead on a gift. What is the world coming to!

Finished red gauntlets. Lighting makes them seem really orangy-red, but they are more red-red. Hopefully, Goth Daughter will not realize that Trumpet Princess was the model here and actually had HER gloves on!

Really started knitting on the socks yesterday and will work on them tonight while watching TV. Yes, I am one of those people who admits to watching TV. Extreme Home Makeover, then Everwood, then Medium. Of course, technically, Medium is past my bedtime of 10pm, but one night a week can't hurt!

Start of first pair of socks. Hopefully, these will be Valentine's Day Socks for Trumpet Princess.

But the "S" word is being thrown around here for the weekend. It is the weekend of Goth Daughter's Belated Birthday Sleepover. So we are making alternate plans in case the "S" hits the fan, or the streets, as it may be. I can tell I will be confined to my room again next weekend, but already have two books on CD lined up. Bless the public library system. Makes the cold I got from volunteering at the library book sale worthwhile since they are concentrating on books on CD's.


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