Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Snow in North Carolina

Being true Southerner's, when the white stuff starts falling, we panic! We can't drive. But we will gladly blame it on the Yankees that have come down here. After all, if they weren't here we would all drive the same.

Not much snow, only a heavy dusting in most parts of the area. However, school let out early and major arteries were stop and go, or mainly stopped, for hours. Made my 4 miles from work and 7am-330p hours really nice. Plus the girls are only 5 houses away from the school and walk home.

So came home on the back traffic.....fixed a pot of homemade chili and proceeded to watch the news about all the miles and miles and miles of backlogged, sideways, tangled mess.

Oh, did I mention we only had the equilvalent of one guy and a wheelbarrow of sand to salt/sand the roads? The front that moved through was a complete surprise to all the weather people in this area. They are scratching their heads, trying to figure out where it came from.

Me, I pulled out some yarn from my stash because my regular teller at the bank complimented my scarf and mentioned she didn't have one. So it's on the couch, watching Catwoman until Lost comes on!


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