Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Knitting, Movies and Moods

There is nothing better than being a couch potato, plugging in the favorite movie and knitting away. You can always "cheat" a little and put in something like Pride and Prejudice and spend 6 hours on the couch, telling the family "as soon as the movie is over". Movies you've watched 100 times already are great because you don't have to pay attention to detail and can knit something with a pattern and not lose track of the plot or the count. And if the family is kind, they give you whole collections of movies and/or TV series on DVD. Kind of a reverse psychology...instead of parking the kids in front of the TV as a babysitter, put Mom in front of the TV and they can have the computer.

Knitting in the movie theater, while possible, is not really doable. But reading a knitting magazine prior to the movie starting is.

Took Trumpet Princess to see Lemony Snickett tonight. What the previews of upcoming movies showed was an upcoming movie with Steve Martin (who I like for the most part) in THE PINK PANTHER.

.....Which leads to pet peeve number 234,842,984.....

I have the original Pink Panther movie collection with Peter Sellers. Loved them all, but the first is the best. Pet peeve.....The DIAMOND in the first movie is the Pink Panther, not the Inspector. The "P" on the gloves was for "Phantom", not Pink Panther. How can you have a movie called the Pink Panther when it does not have the diamond in it?

Ok, over my rant...

But for a future knitting on the couch afternoon.....Phantom of the Opera which Trumpet Princess made me take her to for her recent birthday. Already awaiting it coming to DVD.
What would you knit on for a movie like that? Couldn't be anything too modern looking. Lacy...Shawl perhaps....Delicate fingerless gloves

Do you knit to fit the your mood? Do you find yourself switching out what you are knitting on based on your feelings at the time? Or am I just weird?

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  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Hello from Druham, NC! What a nice blog you have! I am a Mom of a 12 year old daughter and I also knit to keep her from driving me crazy. Where do you shop for yarn in the big town of Apex?



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