Saturday, January 15, 2005

Oh, my aching shoulder!

That's from patting myself on my back for what I have gotten done today....besides a nap!

First off, finished up last night one of the gauntlets. It is knit with Lion Brand Yarn Microspun which is fine to work with and feels great. Does have a tendancy to separate into all its individual threads if you have to rip anything out. But the gauntlet is knit flat. After completeing one and sleeping on it, figured there had to be a way to knit in the round on DPN's and get the same effect. Couple of changes to the pattern. So it is in mid-completion and we will see this evening if in fact it can be knit in the round with little impact on the design itself. That way no side seam. And I figured it out all by myself, including casting on 40 rather than 42 since there will be no seam.

Red gauntlet from the Knit.1 magazine.

Then this morning I "figured" out how to add some "stuff" to my sidebar. I am probably the most inept at this type of thing, but getting there. Who knows, one day I might have pretty pictures and everything on the sidebar. But one day/thing at a time.

But I have been exiled to my room since Goth Daughter has Goth Friend over for a sleepover and scary movies. I will listen to my book on CD. Listening to Diana Mott Davidson's "Sticks and Scones" right now. Our library system is really pushing for audio books since they are now primarily on CD and it makes sitting in my room and knitting very relaxing. After Goldie (the character in the book) and I solve the murder, I will then be listening to "The Rule of Four" which is suppose to be the lastest "DaVinci Code" style book. Really nice to listen and read at the same time!

Then, I found out that they opened a new Hollywood Video near us and the rentals are 99 cents and good for 5 days. Their opening special. So "Troy" is on the table, awaiting the Goths to leave the area and then Brad Pitt and I will knit together. Probably will be my Sunday morning thrill.

Oh yes, have had chocolate today too! Can this day get any better?


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