Thursday, January 27, 2005

Over the Hump Thursday

This has not been a "good" week. Don't know why, just not a good week. Been down in my back and my brain. Planned on taking things to make it better and sleep. However, Goth Daughter got sick. At least she was at home of fetch socks for my cold feet. Paid her back by taking her to the doctor. Everything I picked up to knit turned to doo.....

Failed Felted Bag

Actually this is the "good" side. I learned several things however from this bag which will now be a colorful "trash" bag by the knitting chair. #1---when you make checks and pull the yarns tight behind for color changes in order that there not be holes, you then need to decrease once you start knitting again. The tightness of the checks doesn't translate to the same gauge above and it makes for a very open, wavy top. #2---if you thing cutting and tying the yarn behind will be better than letting it lay across the checks---WRONG! The strands felted down where left alone.

But sitting in the doctor's office with Trumpet Princess to see if her jammed finger/bruised hand was just that or a possible fracture, I picked up my socks (ha---in real life socks don't get picked up much around here!) and started on them. I had stopped when I got to the heel and had to pick up stitches along the sides. Did it and am now on the straightaway for the foot (or just about).

Have turned the heel and now on the straightaway so to speak, but when you wear size 10's that's a lllooonnnnggg straightaway!

But it was so soothing and relaxing I am putting everything else out of my sight and just sit in my chair with my heating pad and iced tea (it's the South here---iced tea is a staple regardless of the weather!) and listen to "Something Rotten" by Jasper Fforde on audio CD's.

Hopefully, Goth Daughter who went back to school today survived and will make it home ok. Trumpet Princess walked up to school just now to be sure she didn't miss anything (God forbid!) and I'm not talking just about schoolwork either.


  1. Where are ya in the NC area are you? I'm down near Wilmington. I don't knit, but I always read your site, I find the kids antics amusing - I have 2 girls myself as well as one son.

  2. Well that was a big "duh" for me, I just noticed it says Apex at the top. (One of my blonde moments - and I'm a redhead LOL)

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