Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tuesday is a Tuesday is a Tuesday

Can't seem to shake the "whatever" that is in my chest and head, despite drugs. Maybe I'm on the wrong drugs.......Maybe there are some I can take that it won't matter what my head and chest feel like.....Who said laughter is the best medicine hadn't tried Nyquil!

Anyway, I didn't get much of a nap on Sunday like I planned. However, other members of my household did get to nap, quite nicely as a matter of fact. Blaze, is the first born of the unwed mother Goth Daughter took in about 7 years ago. He is the head. However, for everyone out there who has cats who run and hide when someone comes over, he heads to the door at the first knock. Worse than any dog for checking everyone out. His brother, Carroll (was going to be named for my friend, Carol, until we realized an error in our "sexing") declines to sleep on my bed. Not enough room I guess.

Fat Cat "Blaze" on a Sunday afternoon.

This is the youngest addition to the household, rather by default. For some reason, as the person who is least interested, he prefers me and my bed.

Sir Helsing also enjoys a Sunday afternoon nap.

But these are the gauntlets that keep on growing. They were to start out as a "copy" of the red gauntlets I made for her sister, but not "fancy". But she wanted them tighter on her arms. So I decided on a 3x2 ribbing.

Green gauntlet that keeps on growing....

Then she decided that she wanted them longer, just a little above her elbow, so the ribbing grew to about 12 inches. Last night as I was measuring to be sure we were talking about the same length, she then decided she actually wanted to have "partial fingers" in them. In my Nyquil induced state, I agreed, thinking, "no problem, just put on circular needles and make fingers".

In the grim, harsh light of reality and a clearer mental state, I realized the person I am knitting these for will wear them once or twice and then I will find them on the floor in different areas of the house. Luckily, these are out of some WalMart acrylic that I purchased for something else, so it is no big deal for them to wash and wear and be thrown around. However, I am refusing to go to all the trouble for the fingers when I know very well what will happen to them.

No! Stamping my foot and thrusting out my lower lip....No more changes! They will have a thumb opening and that's it!

There! Mom has spoken......oh, the potatoes need mashing, be right there!


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