Friday, February 11, 2005

Giant Cat Toy

Actually the color is more navy blue, but whatever the color, this was once a skein of yarn. Don't remember when or where I got it....pre-back-to-knitting days. However, since it's languishing in the "storage room" it is now a task for a rainy day on the couch to untangle or a worthy work project when I don't feel like knitting at work.

Giant cat toy, or the skein of "something" I got "somewhere".

Right now I have turned the heel on my Stashbushers Spiral sock and realized after several rounds I was working with 2 colors rather than 3, so I have to tink about 4 rounds. So I laid it aside until I feel less pouty about it. I will finish up the gauntlets I had laid aside today instead and take the "cat toy" in with me.

Looking forward to some knitting time this evening as the girls will be at a school dance. This is a great deal....send off two, only get one back! (The other is overnighting, so she will return on Saturday) But as I don't have a day off until next Friday, I am rrreeeaaallllyyyy looking forward to a nice, quiet evening at home.


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