Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Knitting Goddess ought to stop you.....

When you are not feeling well, the Knitting Goddess ought to stop you from trying anything new. Learning to do a Figure 8 cast on for socks and did FINALLY get the hang of it, but then after about 6 rows decided I wasn't doing it quite right and didn't like the little holes I was getting in the toe, so 'a froggin' I went.

My brain "gets" the concept. My fingers understand the concept also. But somehow, with the sinus pressure I have in my head, the two are not making contact. Actually, when poking your face like a potato with a fork you are going to bake in the microwave sounds good, thinking should not be a requirement for the day. But I WANT to do these socks NOW! and I have this great feeling Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino I am going to do them in and I want to do it NOW! Stomp foot...makes head hurt....Goth Daughter walks off in disgust, shaking her head. Pout, pout.

So, I will finish up the other gauntlet for Trumpet Princess. Despite the fact that when her mother says "my head is killing me", she continues to drum on any surface while talking. Or better yet, sits through the DVD and continues to ask questions about what is going on (it's Alien vs much of a plot line can there be!). But if I can't poke my face with a fork, then I know I can't poke her with a fork either. Life is so unfair sometimes!

One gauntlet done and tried on.

But back to the Cashmerino. I think I made a major mistake. This stuff feels so good. I will post the colors I have for these 3 color socks I'm making. Will probably make a 2nd pair and use it for a bribe for someone at work who is a seamtress to finish up a couple of clothing articles for me (for Goth Daughter). Luckily, her foot and my foot are the same size and she has already tried to take my first pair of socks (of which I only have one done so far---is this a trend?), so I know she's interested in them. I am not above bribery!


  1. The Gauntlet looks great - lucky daughter!

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