Saturday, February 26, 2005

I Have "Startitis"!

I took Thursday and Friday off since I am working today and Sunday. It was a good trade on Thursday as it was a cold, drizzly rain most of the day. I curled up on the couch, watched movies and started a Market Basket Bag (pics sometime shortly). And read. And napped. Did do one load of wash though.

Friday, I was up getting the kids off to school and had plans to do much of the same. But our crazy morning news traffic guy has started on Fridays going to various businesses and broadcasting from there. This past Friday was at our Farmer's Market Resturant and they were giving free breakfast during the 6-8am morning news! Trumpet Princess shoved me into jeans and out the door. I really think part of it was motivated by the fact she wanted to escape to school in 40 degree weather in t-shirt and jeans and no jacket or sweater. I watched her flee in my rear view mirror, but free food won over running down my 11 year old. To hell with the possiblity of a cold! Someone was going to cook ME breakfast and serve it to me and clean up afterwards! Actually I have eaten there a few times and it is great. However, some people really don't like you calling them at 630am to tell them about it. What's a little sleep over free breakfast.

But the downside was that I was stuffed and came home and was forced to nap a bit.

Then I read most of the day. By the time I finished the book, my eyes were bothering me (the trouble with reading in a dim room so if you fall asleep the light won't bother you!). Didn't want to work on the Market Basket Bag. Didn't want to tink the Stashbusters Spiral Socks. Didn't want to work on the pieces of the flowers I'm making for my sister. Wanted something "springtime". So I pulled a huge ball of Fiesta I had gotten on sale last year out of the bag and decided with the bright yellow, purple and blues it looked like pansies. Perfect for a springtime shawl. So I started a simple pattern of stockinette, increasing 1 on each end of the knit row. I will just knit until I run out of yarn.

Spring Shawl in Fiesta

Then I pulled another skein out of the stash I purchased last week, some Mountain Colors. I haven't used it before, but have read others comments about it. Plus I loved the black and red combination and it does feel so soft. Didn't want to do socks. So pulled out the Multi-Directional Scarf several people have done and will carry that and the shawl off to work with me today and tomorrow.

Mountain Colors in Firestorm

To heck with the fact I have several other projects in various stages of completion, like one sock. What I am really looking to start is a sleeveless, mock turtleneck sweater for summer. Don't have a pattern, don't have yarn, just want to start it.

Well, better get some housework done before off to work.


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