Monday, February 14, 2005

Sunday Morning and the TX Chainsaw Massacre

Yesterday I had agreed to work for someone from 12-4p, so I fixed "brunch" for the girls and a sleepover friend (theirs not mine). Halfway through preparing hashbrowns I realized that I was fixing brunch with the accompaniment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre playing in the background on the VCR while they awaited breakfast. And the sad part is that not one of the four females in the house were affected in the least......we still managed to down bacon, toast and hashbrowns with the greatest of ease. And I'm the person who NEVER watches "scary" least I didn't until I had children and they wanted to watch them, but I have to stay in the room. I can now knit through aliens, ghosts and whatever. The lot of a mom!

Two skeins of pale gray "Dexter's 100% Mohair" found in the dark hole of Calcutta--or the storage room. Now what to do with them!

Anyway, on the bright note, this morning I go into work and finish up the second gauntlet. Come home, hand it off and pick up my copy of "The Knitting Goddess" which I ordered. Trumpet Princess walks up and holds out her arms and goes "why is this thumb different than the other?" Sure enough, one of them was stockinette, the other garter. Somehow I had confused my "instructions" as they were. But being the brilliant mother that I am, I answered "it's to tell your right hand from your left hand". She's happy with the answer and I look good. Until she comes back and asks, but which is which!

So now it's off to finish up the skinny black scarf out of Rowen Cotton Chenille for my sister's birthday next month. It is the base for the Butterfly Scarf in Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I did do a butterfly, but it looks really mutated....more like purple and orange blobs stuck to the side of a cactus....guess I should change my colors around. Will try to get a pic of the mutant butterfly so it can truly be appreciated. Also going to do some of the "flowers" that are being knit and crocheted everywhere. I want do to some of the knitted roses and try felting some of them. No matter what they turn out like, she'll look great in them....she's one of those people who look good no matter what!


  1. "Two skeins of pale gray "Dexter's 100% Mohair" found in the dark hole of Calcutta--or the storage room. Now what to do with them!"Ummm... I'd LOVE a poncho in that color!


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