Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Second Tuesday Post - Male Bashing or how I....

could have easily bashed a male!

This is probably a great example of why I am a single mom....I can't for the life of me figure out how men's brains don't work. Today, for example, I swapped by days off around so I could sit in the waiting room with my best friend while her husband had some day surgery on his eye. Supposedly it's going to take 4-6 hours and who likes to sit around that long by themselves.

As luck has it (and it was lucky because I really am a morning person), we had the 6AM start time. However, we are about 45 minutes away from the hospital where it was going to be done. Go over at 430am to pick them up and drive them to the hospital.

Now I haven't been feeling the best, and there was some discussion about me even going. I went. I entered their house announcing that I wasn't in the greatest of moods and had a headache. So did she. And he is proceeding the crack jokes and be a general pain in the ass. One would think if someone looked at you and goes "I'm really not in the mood for this" it would be a small indication that are not in the same jovial mood.

Get to the hospital, through the surgery and back out to the car. It is now 10am and too early for the BBQ he was planning at a nearby restaurant. As we are leaving the parking lot, he goes....

He - "don't guess you two feel like something sweet for breakfast"

Means - Would you like to go to the pie place that is in town?

Me - "ok, fine, which way do I need to go?" as we are nearing the entrance ramp to the freeway

He - "straight"

So I am driving straight ahead....

Me - "now where"

He - "I can't see, but I am looking for Main Street"

Means - I have no idea where we really are, but we are going to wing it anyway.

Me - "ok. When we get to Main, which way will I turn?"

He - "thunk"

Means - this is the sound of a hand hitting a window. Since I didn't see any hand motions
to the front of me on the windshield, I am working on the assumption he hit the window on the passenger side where he was and he means to "go right". This is the man who earlier would not shut up and now is reduced to hand gestures which the driver would have to be watching him rather than the road to see.

Driving along......

He - "big sigh"

Me - "What?"

He - silence

Me - "Was that the street?"

He - smaller sigh

Me - "That was XYZ, not Main"

He - "It's also Main"

Means - we have now driven 4 blocks past where we were suppose to turn. If I had not asked about the sighs we would probably still be driving around looking for the pie place.

Me - as I whip into a nearby parking lot and make a 180 turn - "I am NOT up to NO directions today"

He - lower lip protruding, sinks in seat

So the end result of it was, no pie, no run through McDonald's to get him something for breakfast, he just wanted to go home! I dropped of the prescription for HIS pain medication and went home, had a big piece of chocolate cake with caramel icing and a big glass of ice cold milk and took a nap.

So I am closing with a picture of a Lenten Rose to end this chapter/rant on a positive note.

Lenten Rose I planted last year from a small plant given to me by a friend from work who has the most amazing green thumb.


  1. Your friend shoulda smacked her hubby for being a jerk because you were obviously doing them a favor.

  2. yes! what did she have to say about his nonsense??

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