Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Morning Update

Here it is early Sunday and I have to jot this off quickly and then go into work for a few hours. However, yesterday was pretty good. I did get my "chores" done and manage to get in some "art" time. When I get home this afternoon I want to scan in pics of the journal pages I did and the watercolor I did and list out exactly where I stand on a couple of projects.

Aren't the daffodils beautiful. Saturday was a wonderful spring day and I did manage, with the help of the dog, to get in a couple of walks out in the lovely spring-like weather. Sunday, however, is suppose to be cold. Bummer.

But I picked these flowers from the yard and threw in a couple of springs of rosemary and stuck them in some blue water bottles OD brought back from a restaruant just for this purpose. I gave her one for her room and kept one downstairs. In fact, this is the subject of my first real watercolor (I'm taking a class now) that I have ever done. It will be scanned in and talked about later.

Off to work........

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  1. Hi Judy - Could you email me your address so I can send you your PIF? Thanks!
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