Sunday, February 24, 2008

When you get bored....

of yards and yards of fabric and 100's of beads for noble costumes and you want a break before you start on the pirate outfit (an easy one to do), what do you do?

You make bags! I have been wanting to make some bags recently and actually was going to start with the
Reuseable Grocery Bag from the Burda site (free pattern). But Trumpet Princess sidetracked me with a request for these and I complied. So this was my Sunday project. This and watching several old, bad movies on the Scifi Channel while sewing.

Yes, one is a skull bag, with the lining being little skulls. Despite the subject matter, it is a cute bag. The other is monkeys with "love" written on it. The colors didn't photo too well in the late afternoon, cloudy day, but it is pink and brown. Skulls, monkeys, skulls, monkey, black, pink, black, pink....oh, yeah, we're 14 going on 15 and a girl.....what should I expect!

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  1. Hello, Love the bags, just what a teenager needs. Thanks for leaving a comment on my new blog, Coursework Gallery, and I thought you would like to know that I have finally uploaded the coursework as it stands todate. I will be updating as and where necessary.
    Enjoying your blog and the knitted pumpkins!


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