Saturday, February 09, 2008

To-Do-List for the Weekend

This is my to-do-list for the weekend (I tried scanning it, but the ink was too light)

-- dishes

-- wash sheets

-- find cell phone

-- take out recycling bin

-- sweep floors and mop

-- clean bathroom (oldest daughter)

-- clean where dryer is

-- make some "journals" out of watercolor paper

-- rake leaves

-- check on orders to see when they will arrive

-- change out covers on couch

-- wash dog (oldest daughter)

-- update books list

-- get books from OD for library

-- books to library

-- use small grommets on paper

-- update calendar with weekly "inspirations" and watch sites;

put on laptop

-- gesso on pages/ATC cards and then watercolor on

-- use white watercolor on dark background

-- get desk organized

-- pull out novel stuff

-- turn tackle box into art box; sewing or embroidery box

-- blog - permission not to be perfect

As you can see I have a full weekend ahead, but not all of it "work", I have figured in "fun" stuff. Actually I need to be sewing, but can't really continue until some steel stays for the corset top arrive and the heavy grommets and the beads. So I will play with my watercolors this weekend and gear up the sewing next week.

I have finished (for the most part) one of the tops for OD's costume and I must say (pat self on back) it looks really nice.

This is the top, based on a man's jacket. I have to put grommet's on the edge of the shoulder to tie on the sleeves and to sew on the cap sleeves to the shoulders. And I have frogs (of which I need 2 more) to sew down the front. Time permitting, I plan to sew gold beads on the front. The design is diamonds with fleur de lis in the center of each diamond. I want to put the bead at each corner of the diamond.....lots and lots and lots of beads!

So hopefully, by tomorrow evening I can repost and show some watercolor "work" I have done over the weekend. I am taking a class with BF and want to experiment with some of the different uses for watercolors.

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