Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Morning Update

Somewhere I lost a week. Yesterday was last Sunday. Where did the week go?

Anyway, 1 top is done, 2 sets of sleeves are 7/8's done; have 4 tabs to finish handsewing on.

The 2nd bodice is almost finished having the seams sown. Had to sew it up differently from the directions, as the directions made no sense for the pattern. Then I will have to hand sew on the trim around the sides and neck.

So I have the under and over skirt yet to sew. Cut out, pinned and ready to go.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, tons and tons of beading!

Since I have today and tomorrow off, I plan on parking my butt in the chair, switching on the old TV and watch movies and stitch, stitch, stitch. We have a chance of crappy weather, so all the much better.

Do have a couple of swaps to get into the mail, along with a letter or two. Will do those during my "down" time.

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