Saturday, February 02, 2008

Journal Pages

These are some journal pages I created for a swap I am in. I really have a couple more I need to do in the next week, but today I feel really good about what I got accomplished.

1. Cleaned up the kitchen (including the stove top) and
put on a piece of pork in the crock pot for pork BBQ.

2. Got "dog bones" at the meat counter at the grocery store for dog. Said dog is now laying on the couch and snoring away.

3. Cleaned up the living room.

And the big ones.......

4. Cleaned up the computer room. Got up the scraps of paper from the shredder which overturned. Put up the Christmas decorations and the sleeping bag.

5. Moved the scanner from a really ackward place and put it where I could get to it and Oldest Daughter could get to it. She does some drawings to go with some fan fic she reads and has been wanting to learn to scan.
So now I have no excuse about getting to the computer to document my artwork. I need to get in there tomorrow (now the work is done) and scan some pages I did as backgrounds for future work; where I played with paint.

These pages are about my "intentions" for 2008. Moving on or walking more (about 85 miles in January); eating better (guess that doesn't include the cheesecake); and things in general.

Now I have all that cleaned up and feeling better about the house, I need to get busy on Ren Faire costumes. And my novel. And my artwork.

Where's the winning lottery numbers when you need them!

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  1. These are wonderful journal pages..Honoring all the things that you wish to generate toward you...
    READ MORE ... CLEAN LESS!! thats my motto!


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