Saturday, April 11, 2009

Early Easter Bunny

Seems the Easter Bunny just hopped in early at my house, bringing a basket box of goodies (and thankfully none of them edible).

Marie of Zquilts, who is ssssooooo talented, is also my new journal swap buddy.  What is really funny is how much we are finding out we have in common.  The latest – FOUNTAIN PENS!

I have always loved fountain pens and the girls learned early while I might share the crayons and Sharpies, the fountain pens you don’t touch.  And Marie is a Fountain Pen Diva --- and my Easter Bunny. 


In my box I received a couple of jars of ink (black and green), some mini cartridges in different colors for the cute little green plastic fountain pen (by Pilot).  It’s going to be just the thing to carry to/from work.  And then the beautiful black/silver/amber pen.


If you “enjoy” pens, whether they be ballpoint, gel, fountain or whatever, you know the weight and “feel” of a pen is important.  And when you find one that just fits and feels right you hate to give it up.  The black/silver/amber pen FITS and being a fountain pen, it won’t run out of ink.

I spent yesterday doing some doodling (which I haven’t scanned in yet) to get an idea of what the pens could do.

And when I went to bed last night….they were beside my bed.  Thanks Easter Bunny Marie.




  1. It just tickles me to know that someone else loves fountain pens - they are truly "green" way to write.
    Next pen we need to make sure you have is a Lamy Safari....yes, there is story there - more on that later. Happy Easter! Be Well. Be Happy and enjoy

  2. yay for new art and craft supplies!


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