Sunday, April 19, 2009

I want to be……

either a dog or a turtle (can’t be a cat---don’t have the attitude for it) laying in the sun.


Just laying there, nothing on my mind except the warmth of the sun.  You can really only do it in the spring or fall, otherwise, it gets too hot.


See my little “bathing beauties” all lined up on the bank?  And this is from the third floor, so these are not lightweight turtles here.  We are talking TURTLE!

I did try laying in the sun one time, just because a cat made it look so good.  It was inside and on the carpet and it is really “zen-like”.  Only thing is, unless you are alone in the house people tend to walk up and stare, poke you and ask if you are ok and really ruin the quiet, warm moment.  Of course, if you were really hurt and needed help, those same people would not emerge from their rooms for days, living off the candy bars under their beds (yes, I do know where they hide them….it’s genetic.)

And I am definitely not laying on the bank of the pond.   Besides the fact people would walk by and stare, those are some serious turtles and they just might think I was several months worth of food all laid out there for them.  I could be dragged off and never seen again, nibbled away by turtles. 

Actually, this is something of a phobia of mine.  And why I would really, really not want to swim in lakes and ponds.  Snapping turtles will latch on and not let go until (1) the sun goes down or (2) it thunders.  Or at least that was what I was told growing up.  It would be a long time before it thundered when the sun went down and I would be walking around with a snapping turtle on my toe.  It made a lot of sense when I was 4 and 47 years later, still haven’t changed my mind.


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