Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Yes, I have knitted recently……

Before it got too warm, I did knit a couple of fun hats for the girls.


The pattern is from and were a quick, fun, scrap yarn hat.  I have labeled them my blue fin tuna….


which is Texter’s and the stripped bass….

R0013827which is OD’s.

Texter has worn hers a couple of times, but OD wears hers a lot.  In fact, we have walked to/from the grocery store and she has worn it.  She hums the “Jaws” theme and pretends to chew on my shoulder as we walk along.  She also thinks it’s cute because the “special”  students at school wear funky hats and she loves it.


So these are the last of the “winter” knitting.  I need to get my head around a shawl I am knitting for a friend and can’t seem to find my groove on.

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