Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nap Time….or Maybe Not


(Written Saturday, March 28, 2009)


Got this urge Friday night (feeling better from the sinus infection) to “clean/organize/declutter my bedroom.  Since there isn’t really any other way I can move the furniture it was to basically clean up the shelves and try and make things look less “messy”.  Cluttered did even cut it anymore.

Saturday morning, after sending OD off to Ren Faire (I know why it took wagons to move around in those days by the time I packed up garb, food, water, sewing kit in case of accidents and all the other “stuff” needed.  After all, the hat alone occupied it’s own box.  And at the price I paid for it, it had better be protected!

In order to start this project I removed everything off the two shelves.  That involved a strawberry smoothie for breakfast and 2 cups of coffee.  Texter ran and hid.  Actually, she went and took a shower and stated she wanted her hair cut.  So money tucked in pocket off she went to get her hair cut.  She found a picture online the liked, which is much, much smarter than her mother in that regards.  She printed it off so she could show the Great Clips person.

Can you guess nap time is a no-no for a long, long time today?  Besides eventually getting a neater room, something more calm and relaxing, is ….

1.  I am making a list of my books.

2. Will have my altar area set up.

3. Have a ton of ideas for posts.

4. Gather together some possible future giveaways items.

Well, everything is off the shelves and it’s 10:30am.  Better get back to work.



Number of books entered in Goodreads (using that as my database for my books…really easy) about 210.  This is really neat in that all I had to do is enter the title or the author and it pulled all the other info about the book.  I can sort through my list in a number of different ways.  I have about 150 books I have not read yet or at least not read the way I want to read them.

I have about an eighteen inch high pile of knitting/beading/craft magazines which I am going to try and sell really, really cheap at the craft table I want to do at work (another of my 101 things).

I have a small pile of goodies which will be going out to different people as “thank you’s” and some things I put aside for a giveaway here in the future.

While my room is not a tranquil oasis, it is miles better than it was.

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