Friday, April 10, 2009

Old Journals, New Pictures

In doing “stuff” yesterday, I realized I am tired of the blank wall over my bed.  I also realized I have a box full of needlework I have never gotten framed.  I pulled out the box and looked through the 2-3 dozen pieces there and while I know my tastes have changed over the years, I wasn’t aware by how much.

This “herb gatherer” is the only piece I really still like.


I put her in a large hoop I have and hung her over my bed.  She’s a little small for the area (I have a whole wall to fill), but there is at least “something” over my bed and I know the artist.

Spent a big part of yesterday going through the past.  My best friend has a project going and wanted to know if I had anything referenced in my journals about her and her husband as she could not remember a lot of the dates.  My first journal was dated 9/2/1972!  Yep, almost 40 years of journals! 

While I am thrilled I have these journals, I am disappointed I don’t have more.  There are big chunks missing, which means they are still packed away somewhere or I didn’t really journal during those years.  But I have a really good collection from about 2000 on.

So I was able to pull about 10 pages of dates and items for her.  One of my 101 things is to catalog my journals with date by date indexing so I know exactly what I have.  It was an interesting retrospective on myself.


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