Friday, August 12, 2011

Art and Cupcakes

I ran by Askew-Taylor the other day after work to ‘plot’ some of the art supply purchases I would be making for my classes.  I have mentioned Askew-Taylor in the past and it is such a fun place to go beyond the tons of art supplies they carry.


This is an organized section of the store.  When I go in I have to leave my purse in the car and carry my money and list in hand as the aisles and piles get really tight.  Upstairs is even more cluttered.  But what a joy to delve into.  I don’t think there is anything they don’t carry and if you can’t find it, you can ask a clerk and they can lay their hands on it immediately.

Since my art purchases are on hold until I get the actual list from the instructors, I soothed my soul by going up the block to this store…..


This store is almost as good as Askew-Taylor, but for completely different reasons.  They sit there, taunting you, calling your name in whispers in flavors of peanut butter and coconut and lemon.  And “Plain Jane”, a simple, all vanilla cupcake, is a stunner.



Yep, drool away.  And all the way home, they taunted me from the front seat.

P8110092  Since I couldn’t decide on what flavors to get, I bought 4 different ones for Texter and I to share.

P8110095  There is red velvet (which Savvy couldn’t eat if she were here), brownie, chocolate mint and mocha.  Hhhmmmmm, seems to be a chocolate theme here.  The red velvet is Texter’s.  The brownie and chocolate mint are up for grabs.  We will probably half them so we can sample them both.

P8110104  Poor little Mocha is the first to ‘bite the dust’ so to speak.  I had a salad.  I was justifying the calories in Mocha by eating a salad beforehand. 

Ah, the joys of shopping for art supplies!



  1. Oh my goodness Im so glad that I had breakfast before looking at your blog LOL !!!! God bless you .


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