Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hare Today, Goon Tomorrow

No, that was Little Bunny Foo-Foo. 

It was a dark and stormy night….

No, no, that’s Snoopy.

Ok, so I am walking out to the trash can just as it gets dark to dump the empty bags of kitty litter, dog food and cat food.  I was preparing for the approaching Hurricane Irene and the storms we were suppose to start getting later that evening and most of Saturday.  I had put my bags in the trash can and turned to come back inside and I hear a little ‘thump’ and then the sound of an animal crying.  At first I thought it was a hawk that had caught something up under the trees by the house and I walked around my car to see if I could catch sight of it in the dark (ok, I’m weird like that).

I zeroed in on the site by the crying.  About 20 feet from the end of our trailer and about 10 feet from the car, on the ground is a baby squirrel, all flattened out on it’s stomach where it had fallen.  I go inside and grab a towel and come back out and pick it up in the towel and take it inside.  By the way, the one time I really want Texter home in a hurry (she was checking out the drug bust a couple of blocks over) and her phone is dead.  And yes, the next morning we looked up at the nest and it had been destroyed by the wind.

So she gets home and we looked up ‘baby squirrels’ on the internet.  God bless the internet.  I know there are people who don’t like it, but at 8pm on a soon-to-be stormy night, it is a miracle.  We get a cage and put ‘Zazu’ (as Texter named it—I was going for Harry Nuts myself) in it with some towels to stay warm.

Texter was all for trying to rehab Zazu herself until…..hahaha….it keep her awake all night crying and chattering.


I will admit it was cute and we figured right about 5 weeks old based on the ‘furrage’. 

What I am proudest about is Texter’s ability to do something even advanced adults would not want to do.  She was on the phone all morning, going from person to person, to see about finding a rehabilator to take the squirrel.  Finally she found one with an opening and drove about 30 minutes away, in the rain, to turn over Zazu/Harry Nuts.  It was a boy, by the way.

So my plan of coming home Friday after work and just staying inside, out of the storm, no problems, work on homework until I go into work on Sunday morning have been shot to hell.  Because, on the way home Friday night, we stopped at the store, and as we were coming out, there sat a toddler and an infant in the back of a car, windows rolled up, hot and muggy outside.  They were there alone at least 10 minutes because we remember the mother coming into the store.  As I walked back into the store to get the mother, she comes running out saying she was only in there 2 minutes.  Texter took down her license plate number and called it into the police.  Turns out they have had other reports of the same thing on this woman.

My stormy weekend has been more than just the rain.  I’m tired and going for a nap now.


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  1. kudos to you and texter for the squirrels and the kids .


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