Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nature in the House

From an early age, I introduced the girls to nature, or at least tried to.  If nothing else, I wanted them to be a bit more observant about their surroundings.  So even now, when they are young adults, they still bring me ‘things’.

Texter’s contribution last week was this cicada.  You don’t really appreciate how big they really are until you get to pick one up.  Granted this one is dead, but it’s still fun to check it out.

P8060006  The wings are so amazing.  It makes me think of Cinderella with glass wings rather than a glass slipper.  And they are a lot heavier than you might think, even deceased.

Savvy’s contribution before she left was the following…

P8070033  a piece of shed snakeskin.  Apparently she knows the hole when Mr. Snake lives and this was outside of it.  I am hoping and thinking this is just Mr. Non-Poisonous Snake, like a black snake, but looking at the skin up close it amazing.  Of course, if you forget you draped it across a pencil box at the back of the desk and scare yourself one morning, it’s your own fault.

And then, if you take a picture of it using your new camera you can play with it a bit…

P8070028  Snakeskin is still inside, Mr. Bug has been removed from outside and I spared everyone pictures of the dead beaver.  Count yourself lucky.

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