Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge Update

I am still toodling along with the challenge.  Not everyday, but when I do sit down to sketch, I generally do 2-3 at a time.  My productivity I am expecting to pick up as my art classes start mid-August.

Jul 3  Can you tell I was at work when I did this?  But I like how the words pop out from the tangles in the background.  I did a little shading on it, but wish I had a chance to do some more.

Jul 5  July’s theme was elements and this was my rendition of ‘Air’.  I do think it does look like it’s blowing in the wind, if I say so myself.

Jun 15  And another random tangle sketch.

sc jul12  I am not doing just tangles, but I am working on my watercolors.  I sketched my little traveling case of watercolors and some other watercolors and sketched them.  Then I used part of the page to wipe off my brush after I filled in the colors on the palette.


sc jul15  Some flowers.  I put down some dabs of color and then drew over it when dry to make the flower head and the leaves.  Still want to work on this some more.  I would like to put a little more detail into the flowers themselves.

sc jul29  And trying out my new Sharpies with a new tangle I learned.

So I am maintaining my sketchbook.  Maybe not everyday, but I am still out there doing it.  August’s theme is Everyday Items, so I will try to do more sketching on what is sitting around me.  Especially when it rains and my internet connection goes kaput.

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