Saturday, August 06, 2011

Week in Review July 30–August 5



Prepared for Savvy’s homecoming (changed the sheets on the bed)

Picked up Savvy in Charlotte, rather than Raleigh, 3 hours away so she could get here

Set Savvy up with new cell phone

Bought some wonderful blueberry/strawberry blend of tea from Teavana along with their German Rock Sugar to drink iced

Set up my Year 2011-2012 planner

Bought an armload of fruit from Farmer’s market, including an orange watermelon

Received notice Texter’s and my Pell Grant approved and for how much.

Picked up books needed for this semester and got a new camera.

Two blog postings written.

Driving Savvy to and from seeing friends while she is here in addition to her orthodontist appointment

Took Texter to first night of Inkfest (tattoo convention).

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  1. eww wee and I thought I had a busy week Ugh ....yours was far busier than mine


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