Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bookmarks and a Small, Small World

I stumbled upon this blog, The Vintage Lemon .  Some of the most beautiful photography going on here.  Anyway, she was having a giveaway for 2 bookmarks.  And since I have a ton of books I read, I entered the contest.

bookmarks  I entered the giveaway, saying if I won them I would give one to Savvy because she was my reading buddy and had recently moved 2300 miles away.  It would be a way to stay connected every time we used the bookmarks.  And I won!  This was the end of November and with all the holiday stuff going on I actually forgot I had won them.


I worked for someone on Saturday and got home after dark and didn’t check the mail.  So, once again working for someone today (Sunday), I stopped by the mail boxes on my way out at 5am and pulled out this little padded envelope.  Glanced at the return address and it was for San Tan Valley.  Hhhhmmmmmm.  Why would Savvy be mailing me anything when she is going to be here in 10 days?  Besides the writing was way to neat to be hers.

Got to work (and light) and looked at the package.  Didn’t recognize the name (short memory here) and opened up the package.  I pulled out this lovely gauze bag and two beautiful marks were inside.  (Unfortunately, I left them at work so I will take pictures tomorrow.)  But what intrigued me more was the address.  In all the United States, what are the odds of winning something, from a random blog, based in the same town as my daughter?

Once I got home this afternoon, I google mapped the address.  THEY LIVE 1 MILE APART!  Ok, I am officially blown away by the odds of all of this.  But everyone needs to visit Marci’s blog.  Right now she has me looking for some cute skirts to wear floral tights with.  Might be getting out the sewing machine on vacation.


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  1. Oh I love those bookmarks and I make bookmarks so that is awesome . Just awesome . i love it .


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